06 November 2017

The Turn From Globalization

Where once globalization and an ever increasing level of collaboration across most developed nations drove business to into new territory – we are now seeing another reality. 
There has been a recent shift from the move towards globalization to a more nationalistic environment. Why are some countries looking to leave the European Union (the largest attempt at a global economy) in favor of nationalism? Why is the US in such a heated debate over this same topic? What are the key factors driving this shift? How do these factors and the overall shift impact the global economy? How do these impacts affect investing decisions?


One of the largest factors, impacting the global economy and investing as a whole, is the push towards a more environmentally conscientious population. As a global community, we seek to be more aware of the uses of fossil fuel and the impacts to our planet.
There is massive societal will to  finding alternative sources of energy that are far less damaging to the planet along with being sustainable, renewable and cleaner forms of energy.
So how does this factor impact investing? How do we become better corporate citizens of our Earth? As the industrialized western countries seek ways to find new energy sources that are renewable and cleaner, developing countries are finding a higher dependency on the traditional fossil fuels. How do we move the discussion to shape proactive policies that all sides of the environmental issues can agree on? Can we make wise investments that not only help our planet, yet help the economy to prosper?