The Financing Division of Bear Stearns is our debt underwriting department

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We create capital with our clients worldwide across many sectors by providing a wide range of debt placement options and strategies. Our Financing Division is broken into the following categories:


Our Leveraged Finance Capital Markets Group specializes in syndication and primary underwriting of bank loans, leveraged loans, bridge financing mezzanine debt products and high yield bonds for non-investment grade corporate clients including restructuring consultation, refinancing strategies and leveraged buyouts. Through effective collaboration with our risk management partners we provide financing and strategic advice across most industry sectors.


The Liability Management Group provides direction and risk management solutions to mitigate exposure to all kinds of financial risks at many stages of a corporations’ growth path. From market conditions, political realities, rates, FX and Enterprise Risk Management we deliver solutions to clients around the world.


The Private Debt Services Group provides a wide range of creative and customized finance options to Ultra High Net Worth individuals and select corporations with unique and varied underwriting options including securitized financing options, asset backed financing, venture capital financing, and major infrastructure financing options. The Group also offers securities and alternatives backed lending, custody and execution solutions.


Our Asia Financing Group is our fastest growing department. With headquarters in Hong Kong our network of advisors, analysts and bankers are developing a deep connectivity and ability to provide unique solutions to the varied and diverse needs evident across the complex and evolving economies of the region. Providing corporate and UHNW clients unprecedented access to capital and finance options combined with an ever increasing understanding of the region’s unique needs position us to become the leader in helping to facilitate the incredible growth occurring across the region.


The South America Financing Group consists of a growing network of professionals across the entire region as well as our New York offices. The focus of the team is to bridge the varied services of Bear Stearns Financing Division to the unique needs of this exciting and emerging marketplace. Corporate clients, institutional, UHNW and sovereign clients have access to our full range of services. Bear Stearns is extremely proud to be a part of the growth and development of many emerging economies across the region.

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Our Clients

Corporations / Bear Stearns serve the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Defined Contribution Plans / Bear Stearns various Asset Management teams work closely with our Reseatch Institute to provide advice, implementation strategies and framework to Defined Contribution Plans across a broad range of options.
Financial Sponsors / Bear Stearns proudly serves the interests of various Financial Sponsors across many sectors and markets.
Governments / Bear Stearns serve the needs of governments and institutions across the globe poviding strategic advice and implementation across a range of topics including key infrastructure projects, capital deployment and various debt structuring related strategies.
Financial Institutions / Bear Stearns partners with and serves other financial institutions in a wide variety of asset management and debt related strategies and collaborations.
 Endowments and Foundations / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Endowments and Foundations in their strategic and asset management needs.
Pension /  Bear Stearns serves the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Insurance Companies / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various insurance companies in aidingthem with navigating various products across our Capital Markets Division and debt related needs.
Sovereing Wealth Funds / Bear Stearns brings its wealth of experience and collective education to serve the informational and implementation needs of various sovereing wealth funds.
Ultra high net worth individuals / Bear Stearns serves UHNW individuals across a broad range of asset management and debt related needs providing unique access to private markets and various cross-corporate strategies.
Public Authorities / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Public Authorities across a broad range of their Asset Management and Investment Banking related needs across many jurisdictions across the globe.
Hedge Funds / Bear Stearns provides advice and access to unique and powerful investment opportunities to various Hedge Funds across the globe.
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